Our Ethos

ExamSolver was created as a tool to complement the education system and contribute to existing resources in order to help students, schools and teachers consolidate their revision notes in one place.

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Our Goal

To make the vast Literature content accessible and clear to all levels of learner, by providing a solid and reliable learning platform for English GCSE students, schools and teachers to benefit in order to achieve the highest possible grades personally and within their institutions.

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Who we Are

Simon and David have been working with GCSE students for more than 15 years and have both worked as GCSE examiners. They have worked hard to find the right formula to help students structure exam answers in the best way to achieve the highest marks whilst retaining the knowledge of the literature.

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Our Promise

We are an ethical business who believe that education should be accessible to everyone, which is why a portion of our income goes directly to supporting education charities.

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Our Values

Learning and Education are at the centre of our values at ExamSolver. Our brand was created to support literate knowledge and schooling and to give students the additional resources they need to apply that knowledge.

We are committed to encouraging students to achieve their highest possible grades, by exercising their full potential.