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• On all key characters and themes
• Colour coded
• Written to show you exactly how to structure your exam answers

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• Explaining how to write top level answers
• Talking you through our content in order to understand and plan for all potential exam scenarios

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• Paper 1 & 2 run-throughs structured as a course
• Guiding you through the do’s and don’ts when sitting the exam and how to maximize on your marks

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ExamSolver is an online English GCSE tool helping students, schools and teachers consolidate their revision notes in one place. We cover all the key texts under the AQA exam board and all our material has been carefully curated by teachers to cover everything you need to get you through your English GCSE exams.

Common Problems How we Solve them
How do I write good notes? Your notes are done - colour coded to match the marking criteria
How do I structure my paragraphs? Our video tutorials will guide you alongside our notes
What will the exam question look like? We talk you through the examples, and how to tackle them
How is the exam paper structured? Walk-through of exam paper question scenarios
How do I get extra marks? Our content carefully covers all assessment objectives that examiners look for
How do I remember quotes? Our snappy quizzes and top tips in our videos
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ExamSolver will show you how to:

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Valuable Revision Resources

Gain access to all the crucial content, skills and detail for your revision requirements, and have them all in one place. So we’ll do the work, so you can do the learning.

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Build confidence in exam Execution

We know exams are daunting, that’s why our glossaries and work sheets will help you to build the confidence and skillset you need to get the information we provide you down on paper in the right way.

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Concise, Clear & Comprehensive

Our notes have been written by tutors and examiners to bring you valuable, helpful content that you will need from your literature books, in an easy to understand way and as an examiner would want to see it.

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Technique for Success

With our carefully prepared worksheets, notes and videos covering all the valuable content you need to retain, you can focus on what you need to, getting through your exam successfully.

How It Works

When you login, you will be able to choose your text, where we will direct you through how to use our videos, quote banks, notes and quizzes and how to use them to answer exam questions.

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Pick your text or paper and choose your character / theme

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Use our key points as a frame work for your answers

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See how we convert our key points into notes

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Our snappy quizzes will reinforce your knowledge and skill-set

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Our quote banks will help you have all your key quotes in one place

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Our videos will help you consolidate everything you have learnt & look at exam scenarios

Please click on our video below to see more on how ExamSolver works.

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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Love & Relationships

Love & Relationships



Power & Conflict

Power & Conflict

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

Paper 1

English Language Paper 1

Paper 2

English Language Paper 2


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Our Ethos

ExamSolver was created as a tool to complement the education system and contribute to existing resources in order to help students, schools and teachers consolidate their revision notes in one place.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to simplify learning by making the vast Literature content accessible and clear to all levels of learner, by providing a solid and reliable learning platform for English GCSE students, schools and teachers to benefit in order to achieve the highest possible grades personally and within their institutions.

When, where, what, who, how, why?

Who we Are

Simon and David have been working with GCSE students for more than 15 years and have both worked as GCSE examiners. They have worked hard to find the right formula to help students structure exam answers in the best way to achieve the highest marks whilst retaining the knowledge of the literature.

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Our Promise

We are an ethical business who believe that education should be accessible to everyone, which is why a portion of our income goes directly to supporting education charities.

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Our Values

Learning and Education are at the centre of our values at ExamSolver. Our brand was created to support literate knowledge and schooling and to give students the additional resources they need to apply that knowledge.

We are committed to encouraging students to achieve their highest possible grades, by exercising their full potential.

"I just wanted to say that I love your website! I’ve been through the exam videos and I feel so much better knowing what I know now."
Izzy, Student

"The best website I've ever used for gcse English. The notes, word and quote banks are great and so clear"
Nathan, Student

"ExamSolver is so clear and shows exactly how I needed to organise my paragraphs and essays. Will recommend to friends for sure!"
Gemma, Student

"The notes and videos were very helpful in organizing my revision"
Issy, Student

"I really found the colour coded notes extremely helpful"
Susie, Student

"Really like how accessible the site is and how the paragraphs are all laid out. Makes for a very user friendly piece of exam support!"
Stacey, Student

"Thank you for helping me organise my English revision notes and for making it so clear. It has helped me so much"
Berta, Student

"The website is giving my daughter so much confidence and clarity - the video tutorials are so clear and helpful. It’s a life saver!"
Anna, Parent

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